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1st June - 30th June 2013 At Sunnybank Mills Gallery Farsley,Leeds, LS28 5UJ Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 4pm
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Limited edition prints are in short runs of five for the larger canvases and 20 for the small canvases. Each printed canvas is individually embroidered using a variety of threads and different areas of stitch so that each piece is unique. The stitch work is designed to compliment the print and create areas of relief so the balance between print and stitch is critical. The detail below illustrates how this is created:

Detail of the "No Unauthorised Person" canvas

Prices range from £180.00 for the smaller works, such as Seagulls, to £1950.00 for the works like "Backstage" which uses over 15 different coloured threads. Please email if you would like prices for specific pieces.

Detail of the "Backstage" Canvas


What I do is unashamedly process driven. There is the site searching, the photography, the digital imaging, the digital printing and when all that is done there is the stitching and stretching. Only when the work is finally on the canvas can I really stand back and see it. It's funny because I like to work in large scale and yet my artwork in on a 19" computer screen. I only get to see the full scale image once it has been fabric printed!

The following are some photographs of my work in its developing state:

1. Detail of embroidery in progress.

2. Completed canvases. The reverse side illustrates the extent of stitching.

3. Line of canvases waiting to be stitched.

4. Canvas detail prior to stretching.